How do I pay for my order? 

At the moment Form and Fabric accepts Visa, Mastercard credit/debit cards, Discover and Paypal.


Can I pay cash or write a check? 

No.  Sorry.  But if you have a well behaved miniature bullterrier puppy we might be able to work out a trade.


How secure is my payment? 

We use a payment gateway that is PCI DSS compliant.  That’s a fancy way of saying security is our highest priority.  In addition, your credit card information is not stored by Form and Fabric.


Do you keep my back details? 

Form & Fabric does save some of your details, like your name, email, address and order number, but we never store your payment details. 


Will you share my contact info with third parties? 

No way.  For more information check out our Privacy Statement.


Do you discount large orders? 

That depends on what you’re ordering and it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?  Please contact us directly if you’re a returning shopper or considering purchasing a large quantity of fabric.


Are gift cards available?

Yes, gift certificates are availabe. Contact us or visit the gift certificate ordering page.