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Making mends the soul

Form & Fabric is a fabric boutique selling a discreet and thoughtful selection of beautiful, modern fabrics for home décor, apparel sewing, quilting and crafting. Founded on a love for beautifully designed and well made goods we strive to make available the hard to find, unique items that makers want to use. We know it takes time and a commitment to learn a craft and you can't become an expert overnight. 

Expressing one's self through craft is the touchstone of all makers. Today's mass produced consumables can't compare to the care and thoughtfulness that go into a handmade item. Whether you're making something for yourself, or to give as a gift, the quality of the materials used and attention to detail make it something special.

Celebrate the idea of slowing down and taking time to make something with your own hands. It's a lovely counterpoint to our hurried, multi-tasking lives that can add some much needed balance.

About the owner

Margaret Udell, owner of Form & Fabric, comes from Southern roots and a long line of resilient and crafty problem solving people. She spent the majority of her adult life doing very uncreative work for large companies before launching Form & Fabric in 2010. In 2014, after successfully mastering the online space, Margaret decided it was time to welcome customers into the world of Form & Fabric and folded a retail space into the growing brand.